Two terrific stories, one exciting conclusion

Hot VIOLENT SEX Cartoons I recently found this cool BDSM comic gallery. Which is just a drawn world of extreme violence. In this issue they have two main heroines who are being mercilessly tortured and brutally fucked by a cruel mistress and brutal general wearing a khaki uniform. Lewd brunette mistress uses on her blond slave a huge strapon and her own tongue making the poor gal cum over and over again. The kinky general is using his own methods… check the comic right now to see which techniques he chooses





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  1. stean Says:


  2. naughty nicky Says:

    cool is all u have to say? i think these are hot and they make me want to fuck some1 now!!!

  3. maxixz Says:

    Son muy caliente……………………muy buena esa oto

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